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The Band


Add together catchy pop melodies, headbanging metal riffs, groovy disco beats and a hint of symphonic epicness and you have the recipe for Memoremains.

Mixing the most fertile elements of metal, pop and disco, Memoremains has created a recognizable sound that stands apart from similar artists in the genre. While the influences echo clearly throughout their music, Memoremains brings something new, creative and refreshing to the scene.

The quintet is also a fury on the stage and their soldout debut gig at Bar 15 was chosen as ”The Best Gig of the Year at the Venue”. Since the very first show, the road has already taken the group to a European tour and summer festivals in Finland – including Provinssi, one of the biggest festivals in Finland.

Year 2019 was a rollercoaster and climaxed to gigs and a new single. Always flirting between metal and pop it was probably just a matter of time when this genre bending band would release their first pop cover song. Sorry! 2020 Memoremains wastes no time and is fiercely working on their debut album after COVID-19 cancelled all the spring and summer gigs. A series of singles was released to support the album including Pounding heart, Bring it on and Eternal Fame with more to come… Memoremains is locked and loaded! Ready to release their debut album this fall and hit the stages ASAP!

Vocals – Johanna Ahonen
Keyboard – Mikko Kujanpää
Guitar – Aleksi Mäkelä
Bass – Aapo Timonen
Drums – Eemeli Timonen

#JoinTheJourney #NeverStopTheMadness #SorryNotSorry

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