When Memoremains released their debut single We’re Not Alone they probably knew they wouldn’t be alone with their music (even though the lyrics are not about them as a band, but are a personal matter) Fast-forward to this day Memoremains has already released Louder EP, a collection Memories (Singles 2016 – 2019) and a studio album The Cost of Greatness, several music videos and cover songs. Memoremains is known to grind hard whether it be playing shows or releasing new music. You could say they work as in the assembly line – effectively and never compromising from the quality. They never rest on their laurels! Memoremains is not working with any labels. They are maybe one of the biggest totally independent acts in Finland. The group is fastly gaining new listeners with every new song released and gig played. It’s just a matter of time when they burst from their underground bubble.

So what is this all about? The short answer is: add together catchy pop melodies, head banging metal riffs, groovy disco beats and a hint of symphonic epicness and you have the recipe for Memoremains. You can call it pop metal, dance metal, disco metal or whatever you want, but these genre-benders are never going to categorize or restrict their style! And there is no long answer just remember: never stop the madness! New album Pop Metal out NOW!!!

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