Not My Fault! – New single out now!

“not my fault is a song about an intervetion”

Memoremains released a new song called ‘Not My Fault’. The new song is also the second single of their upcoming album that’s coming out next year. Here’s some backround story about the song writing:

“For me the most creative moments happen usually when I’m driving my car. Maybe that’s because brain must be focused because of the traffic but at the same time you’re just with your own thoughts. Sometimes the song ideas are so catchy that you just have to drive the car aside! That happened also with Not My Fault.” – Johanna, singer

“Both the lyrics and the melody were born at the same time which is not usual for us and the story was build around the name of the song. Not My Fault is a song about a moment when you’ve had enough of every one elses problems.”

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