Through the Fire and Flames! – New Memoremains single “Back Off” is out

Memoremains released a new song called “Back Off” with a music video full of fire! “Back Off” is also the third single of Memoremains’ upcoming second album.

“The song was born out of a need to produce a strange combination of early 2000’s new metal and synth heavy. We accidentally created maybe the darkest Memoremains song ever” – composer and keyboardist Mikko.

The song is about the real thoughts of a kind person. Kind and silent people usually receive false accusations and then the smoke begins to rise from their ears.

“What is usually said about the kind people is that they are angry and bitter because they don’t bring their real thoughts on the table. Back off turns the story upside down by being a manifesto from a pleaser who will tell completely honestly what he or she really wants to say.” – singer and lyricist Johanna.

Music video of “Back Off” is filmed and produced by Riku Männistö.

Listen “Back Off” on Spotify