New Single ‘Paralyze’!

Memoremains released a new single called Paralyze!

Serving tight songs at a steady pace, Memoremains has reached a remarkable merit: the songs of the band, which operates without a record company, has now been streamed on Spotify more than five million times!

Memoremains shamelessly combines dance music and heavy riffs and is now also announcing the name of their second album: Pop Metal. It will be released later this year.

Memoremains have already released three singles from the upcoming album SympathyNot My Fault and Back Off. The new single Paralyze is continuation for them and it might be a little lighter than the previous songs but more catchy.

Memoremains is also going to perform at Nummirock in June which is a Metal Festival located in Kauhajoki Finland.

Listen Paralyze on Spotify!